Earn money from your unused workspace.

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Do you have an empty office, room or space?

From castles to libraries, interesting spaces and conventional offices, Cowork Local is a network of workspaces enabling people to work closer to home. Your unused space could be used as a place for people to work and add exposure to your business.

Earn money for hosting coworkers.

Utilise your unused space and list it on the Cowork Local platform. Earn money for every day that people work from your space. Coworkers pay for using your workspace through monthly subscriptions or day passes. Regardless of their plan, you receive a fixed fee for every day a coworker makes use of your space.

Receive up to £5,000 to get your space cowork ready.

Join us as a venue before June 2022 and you may be able to access funding of up to £5,000 to help prepare your space for coworking on application. Our team are on hand to answer questions and provide assistance to access funding.

What is coworking?

Coworking allows you to spend more time and money on the things you love.

A flexible way of working with the opportunity to work alone or alongside others. It provides a space to grow communities within workspaces. Coworkers benefit from the productivity of an office without the commute.

How does it work?

Join our growing network of coworking venues and earn money from your unused workspace. Coworkers book a workspace through our platform and you receive £6.50+VAT/day for every day a desk is occupied.

You'll have access to help and support, with certain locations also benefitting from up to £5,000 to get your space cowork ready.

  • Opportunity to promote your business
  • Generate extra revenue from unused space
  • Up to £5000 to get you cowork ready
  • Increase footfall to your venue
  • Being a part of a growing network of spaces
  • Create a hub for your community

Is my space suitable?

Do you have a space to host at least four coworkers at a time?
There is more than one ‘right kind of coworking space’. Every individual is different, and every space will be the perfect fit for someone’s wants, needs and expectations. Some of our quirkiest spaces often turn out to be our most popular.

Unsure of whether your space is suitable? Speak to the team on 0330 043 0443 or email us at

Who is Cowork Local?

A project funded by the Community Renewal Fund.

​​Founded and based in Wales, Cowork Local is a project powered by TownSq and made possible by the UK Government through the Community Renewal Fund. Cowork Local is delivered alongside Denbighshire County Council, The Vale of Glamorgan Council and Swansea Council creating coworking spaces in these regions. 

TownSq has years of experience successfully developing coworking spaces and communities across the UK. We stimulate local communities by providing spaces where people can come together and thrive as well as fostering entrepreneurship through everything we do. Our locations also provide a welcome alternative workspace for businesses and their employees. With evolving changes to the world of work, we help those who are looking to escape the challenges of working from home whilst helping them to boot the commute when working closer to home.

For more information about the project and our partners, click here