A day in the life of a coworker

Jun 8, 2022

There’s plenty of information out there about coworking and what it is but you might still be wondering, what actually is the process. How does it work? What happens when I turn up? How do I know where I am going?

Well, here is your answer (hopefully!)...

Once you have made your booking (if you’re still unsure of this check out our ‘How to get started’ guide at the bottom of the home page), your first task is arriving at the venue! 

Unsure of where you’re going? Punch the venue name into maps or find the direct venue google map link through the venue listing on the website, to get directions. 

Once you arrive, there should be Cowork Local marketing materials up and around the venue to let you know you’re in the right place. The first thing you need to do is scan the QR code on the banner on the way in to check-in, your booking confirmation code will be in your confirmation email with the subject line ‘Booking confirmed’ from bookings@townsq.co.uk.

Once you’ve successfully signed in, your next step is to choose a desk - this step is as easy as it sounds!

When you’ve chosen your seat and sat down ready to start, the WiFi login details will be up in the room for you to sign in and plugs will be all around. Grab yourself a cuppa in a Cowork Local mug (there are even coasters for if and when you spill) and get your productivity flowing!

If you can spare a minute throughout the day, snap a photo or video of your setup and tag us @coworklocal with your location to feature on our social media - don’t worry if you’re not a pro!

At lunch time your venue might offer food themselves that you can buy, if not bring your own food or head over to a local shop. Take a walk around the area and enjoy your venue's outdoor space.

Once you’ve finished for the day, pack up your things and you’re ready to go - don’t forget to book in for your next coworking day… see you soon!

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