Festival of Coworking in Swansea

Jun 20, 2022

Throughout Tuesday 21st June, Wednesday 22nd June and Thursday 23rd June, our Festival of Coworking will be taking place across Swansea showcasing inspirational Welsh business stories and a day of coworking, all fully catered!

The three day event will display a range of speakers including Scott Otten, Angie Bettany and George Savva who will be sharing their business experiences and giving us an insight into how to overcome negativity. 

On Tuesday 21st we’ll be based out of Patti Pavilion in Swansea from 11am to 2pm with finger food provided by Adelina’s. Scott Otten will be providing us with an insight into his experience of leaving professional rugby behind and building his own start-up off the back of it. From rugby to roasted blend, former Welsh rugby star shares the story behind his change in career and experience of starting up SO Coffee

Starting up a business comes with many trials and tribulations as many of us know, we’ll explore Scott’s experiences of the highs and lows, failures and successes of launching your own startup and leave the day with a fresh outlook on starting your own business.

Join us at Space at No.88 on Wednesday 22nd June to hear from Angie Bettany and her experiences, tips and tricks of using business as a force for good. On Thursday 23rd, we’ll be in HQ Urban Kitchen hearing from George Savva and his advice in getting comfortable with failure. 

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