Working closer to home is good for our communities, environments and local economies.

With evolving changes to the world of work, some are looking to escape the challenges of working from home whilst others hope to boot the commute, Cowork local seeks to provide the best of both worlds. Combining amazing work spaces, with convenient locations close to where you live.

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Our spaces

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Llantwit Major

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Dinas Powys

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TownSq and Creative Rural Communities

In 2021, TownSq worked with Creative Rural Communities to deliver Cowork Local as a festival to enable people to work closer to home as the world started to reopen after the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Over the four-week campaign, there were over 100 bookings to use spaces, growing week-on-week with over half of bookings in the last week.

This project helped venues to understand more about their suitability to offer people closer-to-home working, and helped people to boot the commute and work in their communities. 

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